Monday, September 17, 2007

Why I Write

(My blogs are not illustrated because I haven't a clue how to do it!! If any Slinger wants to insert a Dracula picture, feel free.)

Maybe because I learned to read at three and I'm terrible at math, sports, and science. I mean, what else could I do? I filled up so many blue books on my exams in school and college that I always got an A even though I said almost nothing, just blathered on. I wrote the world's worst novel for my college thesis, because I majored in Child Study and it was easier to write a novel about kids than do a research project.
I write because I love to do it. During a long publishing drought, I considered giving up the whole thing, then, writing is what I do. My one published book came as an image in my mind ---- a boy staring at the house he can't go back to with an angel with a fiery sword barring the way. Didn't turn out like that at all, but that was the start. Some of my books get started with what feels like a great idea then they poop out. The one I'm trying to sell now came almost fully formed into my mind...sure wish that would happen more often!


Susan J. said...

This is a wonderful site. I am really glad that I was told about it.

The banner is really wonderful, and the comments as well.


cyndyhenzel said...

Why write- in order of unimportance
1. Money. Made a living writing K-12 science stuff.
2. Slob. Hate dressing up. Especially shoes.
3. Control. People never do the interesting thing.
4. Humor. My hope that someday, someone will get it.
5. Travel. I write everywhere.
6. Insomnia. And any time.
7. Research. A place to use that fascinating trivia, play with ideas, think it through
8. Perfectionist. Gives me a chance to do it again and again and once more again until it is right.
9. Legacy. My best chance to make a difference to someone.
10. Writers. Hanging out with intelligent, creative, helpful, imaginative, driven, self-motivated people with a slipping hold on sanity.

Lotheus said...

I love the idea of the boy being barred from his home by an angel with a fiery sword! You said it is published? Do share the title so that I may boost your sales!