Saturday, September 15, 2007

Enter Stage Left

Battling all the forces that have tried to keep me from blogging, I dance out into the spotlight to say ---- it’s me. Jean. I made it!

I’m the only Californian Slinger right now. I’m theoldest. And possibly the most appreciative of the help a writer gets from such a wonderful critique group.

Like most writers I have always written. Publishing, however, was elusive. In 1991 I had a book published by Delacorte. After that, the Great Drought. But I never stopped writing. And I was rewarded by finding this group of wonderful, creative, kind and supportive but also discerning writers. Nobody could get too down with the Slingers on your side.

I live in an old house near the ocean in Southern California. I have children, animals and a large garden which eats up a lot of my time. I admit to a love of parties, too. I am a librarian by trade and work in a largely Hispanic school in nearby San Pedro. It’s sad to seeall the good books on the library shelf that these kids either can’t or don’t want to read. Oh and I forgot to say I’m definitely the most technically challenged of the group. They push me and pull me in an incredibly patient way and thanks to their help, I’ve learned a lot. Looking forward to a shelf of Slinger books in the near future.

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