Sunday, September 23, 2007

Favorite Childhood Books

Asking me to name a favorite book is like asking an alcoholic for their favorite drink, a gourmand for their favorite pig-out. Desperate to read, I taught myself long before kindergarten. Since then, my be-spectacled nose can most often be found stuck in a book.
Very young, I loved Winnie the Pooh and that quiet country world Milne created and peopled with squeaky little Piglet, gloomy Eyeore and kindly Pooh. Alas, today's kids, by the time they can handle the vocabulary are too sophisticated to enjoy the stories. Reading the gentle adventures of Christopher Robin and Co. was my protection against family stress and even now, reading it gives me a sense of peace. (But don't even mention the Disney version!)
I'm laughing because one of us put The Secret Garden high on her list and one gave The Little Princess top rating. Two books by old fashioned Frances Hodgson Burnett (born 1849) which are still delighting readers. The Secret Garden gets my vote. On re-reading I still love it. I once checked out its story line against today's principles and she gets A for her structure.
Actually I could go on for days with favorite books.When I ran out of children's fare, I read as far up my mother's bookshelves as I could reach which netted me all of J.M. Barrie, Lust for Life, Homer's Odyssey and The Late George Apley. Okay, Okay, I'll stop now!

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trishwriter said...

And now how fitting that you are surrounded by books at work on a daily basis! Love your posts, Jean