Thursday, September 13, 2007

Heidi's Intro to the Sharing the Brain Blog!

Introductions are usually embarrassingly dull and self-inflated. So here goes.I'm Heidi Ayarbe and I'm arc-impaired.
There. That feels better.
Anyway, now that I've come clean with my weakest writing trait, I'll give you a little background. It all began in Carson Tahoe Hospital on March 14 in 1973. Fast Forward. And now I'm living in Pereira, Colombia, South America with my wonderful husband. All that stuff in between is filler, I guess. (Scared you there for a sec, huh? 34 years of filler would scare anybody.)
LIFE FILLER: The photo is my favorite travel photo of late, taken after the wind knocked me down trekking in Torres Del Paine and I got my first actual black eye. Very cool, though very unflattering, I know.
Anyway, I'm a writer, and thanks to the brain share of this group I have been saved from total publishing humiliation. They are my "Raiders of the Lost Arc" (See above). I'm finishing my last round of revisions for FREEZE FRAME -- my YA novel that will be coming out with Laura Geringer Books, an imprint of HarperCollins Children, next fall. (Sold by my intrepid agent Stephen Barbara last November!) No worries. I will embark on a journey of shameless self promotion when the release date comes nearer including fantastic raffles, winning trips to exotic lands and such. Not really on the trips thing. But it would be nice.
Our intention is to share with you our experiences in the writing world, our ideas about writing, and, using Jean's phrase, a compendium of useful and maybe useless knowledge, when it comes to books, characters, and all the other things we love about the world of words!
And if you need trekking tips, ask me. (Don't let the photo fool you.)
Okay. Enough. Thanks for joining us.

Come back!
Heidi Ayarbe


Lotheus said...

Any pic with blood in it is cool, Heidi. I have spent a little time with one of your crit mates and have heard much about the group, but it is nice to see some of you. Congrats on the opening of the blog, and check us out at sometime!

Lisa A. said...

Hey, Loth! Figures the blood would attract you. Hey guys, this is one of my querytracker homies. He's a moderator there and and also Trouble-maker in Chief. Thanks for stopping by! Come back again soon and maybe there be more going on here. Don't worry, we'll get to that link.

Heidi Ayarbe said...

Hi, Loth!
Thanks for the thumbs up on the blood pic. This writing is a rough business, and we need more gruesome visuals!
:-) I'll check our today.

Patrick said...

Lotheus isn't as freaky as he sounds. OK, maybe he is. Just be careful, and don't try to feed him.

I'm Patrick, the maker of, and just stopped in to say hello and see what you guys are building. Looks like you're off to a good start. Keep it up.

(Yuk, blood.)

Jean S. said...

Was gonna say I've seen cuter pix of you, then the vampires weighed in and I decided to forget it. Jean