Friday, September 14, 2007

Show and tell. Well, mostly "tell," really.

So, I introduced the blog, but I never actually introduced myself. Funny, isn’t it, how writers hate to write about themselves? It’s all fun and games when we’re looking through someone else’s eyes, talking in someone else’s voice, but strip off the mask and we scurry away like mice. Well. Wasn’t that cheerful. Heh.

I’m Christine, usually known as “C,” mostly because I’m too lazy to type my entire name at the end of every email or post I write. I live in the heart of the Heartland, in the town where I grew up (minus an eight-year stint in Chicago, during which I learned that I am not, in fact, a big-city girl. Man, was I disappointed to find that out.) Also, I have a son! Hooray! He’s just twelve weeks old, and I adore being a mommy with every centimeter of my soul, even though it means most of my typing is done one-handed these days. Here’s a picture of the Piglet. It’s a few weeks old, but I love this pic:

He’s much cuter than I could ever be. I wonder if they’d put his photo on the back of my still-in-my-dreams-book-jacket, instead of my mug?

Speaking of books (oh, yeah, it’s a WRITING blog,) I write middle-grade-veering-towards-YA-fiction. Mostly horror, which is amusing, considering that I’m the world’s biggest ‘fraidy cat. Well, Heidi’s actually a bigger wuss, but I’m a darn close second. If I’m lucky, I’ll be able to post here next week about signing with an agent, but *sssssshhhhhhhhhhhh* I have to keep it under wraps until it’s more official.

I piddled around with writing pretty much since I could hold a pencil, but it wasn’t until I penned my first full-length manuscript that I got hooked. It was a terrible, terrible book, but writing it saved my sanity while I withered away at a desk job. I eventually left the corporate world, became a nanny, joined the fabulous Wordslingers, and started writing every day during naptime. The kid’s naptime, not mine. Obviously. The Wordslingers have taught me to tighten my sagging middles, that no one wants to know what color the countertops are, and that keeping company with a fabulous group of writers can make you better at your craft.

Now, I’m a stay-at-home-mom/writer, looking for an agent’s contract (fingers crossed fingers crossed fingers crossed,) a book deal, and a way to make dinner, entertain a three-month-old and finish chapter 5 simultaneously. I’m also seeking a cure for my over-long sentences, but one thing at a time, right?



Lisa A. said...

You know, C, Piglet is just too darn cute.

christineindy said...

Yes, I do know. :) And thanks!