Sunday, September 30, 2007

Banned and Challenged Books

I must say that when I looked up the ALA's list of banned and challenged books I was surprised. I've already mentioned my love of Scary Stories. I still get chills thinking about some of those little short stories. I never imagined that I was being exposed to satanism and becoming insensitive. That's absolutely ridiculous. I know that To Kill a Mockingbird had come under fire in years past. I remember I was in the sixth grade the first time I read it and it wasn't until several years and reads later that I learned some people had a problem with it. I never did come up against the issue in school, but I did most of my reading outside of the classroom. Imagine a child that didn't read much on their own and missed out on a book that could reach them, or touch them in a special way and they weren't allowed to read it. A true tragedy.

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