Thursday, February 5, 2009

Stephen vs Stephenie

I like this cat fight that Christine found. And it brings up several issues as both readers and writers that I'd LOVE to chat about and hear from you. (Are you out there?) Okay, maybe we'll hear from three. But it'll be fun nevertheless.

1. Should writers ALWAYS support other writers?
2. When we criticize other writers do we come off as pompous, jealous, cynical, all of the above?

I read the article. Stephen King obviously doesn't think Meyer can write herself out of a paper bag (though I think her banker would say otherwise).

Just to tip the scales a bit, I've found a pretty much "documented" criticism of STephen King's writing:

"Critics praise King as a stylist whose characterizations are much better than those that are generally found in Gothic suspense novels. He is criticized, however, for lack of originality in plot and for being derivative in a field that too easily lends itself to imitation and cliché."

So, let's hear it. And to be fair, I'll start off with my $.02.

I don't think writers should support other writers simply because we're in the same business. If King thinks Meyer writes poorly, why can't he say so? He takes a BIG risk coming off as arrogant, petulant, and pretty harsh, but were he a critic for, say, the NYT or something, people wouldn't be in such a big huff. HOWEVER because he did seem to go on and on, I think he came off as a touch, ummmmm, petty. Good enough. He doesn't like her work. Fair game. She's still going to be a millionaire as is he.

I think more constructive criticism from writers, though, would come off as less arrogant and more professional. I don't feel like we should always be cheerleaders to other writers. It's a subjective business.

What do you think as readers? Writers? When you hear criticisms from other writers?

So, let's hear it. Stephen vs Stephenie ... where do you stand?

"A little sincerity is a dangerous thing, and a great deal of it is absolutely fatal."
Oscar Wilde

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Anonymous said...

I agree with Stephen King.