Wednesday, February 25, 2009


I LOVE music. I sometimes think that other women my age don't feel the same way about music that I do. I like almost everything and what I listen to depends on my mood. When my children are in my truck (I drive a little red truck) I usually choose something mello. The second they step out for the remainder of my ride to work I choose whatever I'm in the mood for (sometimes it's Blue October or Radiohead, sometimes Korn or Slipknot) but ALWAYS super loud!!! I see other women my age (mid thirties) sitting in their minivans, listening to quiet talk radio or Hannah Montana and I wonder what happened to that feeling they got in high school when they couldn't wait to get home to listen to THAT SONG--whatever it was at the time? I don't ever want to lose that love.

Music is a soundtrack for my life and it makes me feel ALIVE and wonderful. When I write music is extremely important. So I'm curious how music helps others create.

The above pictures are of Apocalyptica. They are a new band who don't have a steady person on vocals so they borrow a singer here and there. They are not the typical metal band--they use cellos. Four cellos--hard and fast--amazing. If you have not checked them out I really suggest that you do.


Anonymous said...

Oooooh I really like Apocalyptica. I like it loud to, usually with the windows down.

Geigerin said...

I love Apocalyptica, but they aren't new at all. I loved them in 1997, and I imagine they were around before then. When I first heard them on the radio in the last year, I thought someone had stolen their name. I prefer their cello-only roots, but they are a great group. :)