Monday, November 17, 2008

Regarding my revising

I'll be a hamster to Trish's bird—a whole lot of effort with not as much to show as I'd like. Yes, I am making good progress, but not as fast as I think I should. I'd love to just have the remaining chapters pour out from my mind like golden honey, but instead the ideas are dribbling out in fits and starts. And right now, I'm kind of plugged. Maybe I should have posted an image of that already forgotten dude, Joe the Plumber.

Of course, like Trish's industrious bird, I'll get there, but sometimes I feel that for all the frenetic activity, I'd have more to show for it.

But this too, shall pass. Ah, if only books wrote themselves...but then nothing truly worthwhile comes without real effort. In the immortal words of one of this semester's graphic design students, "go hard or go home" other words, just get it done and get it done right (and quit yer whining).


trishwriter said...

You're so funny! Ali got a hamster last week. I feel your pain, Sister. It does feel like so much work with little progress, but think of how good our books will be when we finish.

Christine J. said...

I always wanted a hamster when I was a kid, but anything with rodent feet freaks my mom out. We couldn't take the class guinea pig home for the weekend for the same reason. *shrug*

What'd she name it?