Tuesday, November 18, 2008

On the back burner

I'm stuck between two manuscripts. I've started a new work and am loving it but at the same time there's still Solis. My new wip, tenatively called Rossi, is so much fun and I'm in the creating stage whereas Tala and Solis are hanging out...waiting on me to decide which one gets my attention. Rossi tugs and demands my time while Tala sits quietly twiddling her thumbs, hoping that I'll eventually finish those last few edits and start querying. She's been placed on the back burner. Am I just afraid to query? Is there more that needs to be done? Who knows what's going on in my weird pysche. But for now, it seems that Rossi is winning the battle.

I know that my pic has nothing to do with my post...I just couldn't pass it up though. I love Pearls Before Swine and I often feel like pig does. He mirrors my emotions more than I'd like to admit.



Lisa Amowitz said...

Ahem. Yes, you are avoiding the dreaded query.

Please cover your ears.

YOU MUST QUERY SOLIS NOW!!!!!!! (Rossi will distract you while you suffer)

ladies and gentlemen, thank you.

Jean S. said...

Mandy, I know just how you feel. As for the pig...at least you know how to post pictures! I avoid the blog because I can't make mine pretty.