Sunday, January 20, 2008

A strike for Writers

Living in Los Angeles, we probably get more coverage on the writers strike than the rest of the country. We also know lower echelon people in the "business" who are suffering from a lack of current income. A stoppage of work trickles down with more immediate effect than Reagan's cockamamie theory about riches dribbling from top to bottom ever did. In both cases, the guy at the bottom takes the worst hit.
On the other hand, I definitely see the point of this strike. Nobody knows what the future will bring in this fast changing business. Writers, paid less than others in the entertainment business, gave away residual rights two decades ago when the future of DVDs was unclear. They have paid dearly for that. Who can blame them for trying to negotiate future rights in order not to get kayoed again?
How this affects those of us whose publishing dreams aren't linked to movies and TV, I can't say. But as a matter of solidarity, I'll always hang with the writers. Even if it means no more Medium and House for a while.

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