Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Burning of Bad Habits

Zozobra is a big deal in Santa Fe. Every September hundreds of people gather around the giant marionette that moans and waves his arms. They chant, whoop and holler while they set him on fire. He represents Old Man Gloom, the bad habits and bad moments of the past. His burning represents a new start, a fresh beginning.
That is my theme this year. My problem last year with writing was setting impossible goals. It is not humanly possible to do everything that I must do plus write for hours every week. So I now write around a half hour a day, sometimes more when I can and sometimes less if things come up. I took the month of December off completely. Last year I planned to complete two novels in one year (while doing everything else a mother of two who works full time, helps care for her father and run a household), yeah right!
Now I am in love with writing again instead of thinking of it as some unattainable goal hanging over my head. I would walk by the computer and create things to do to avoid it. So this year I am setting reasonable goals.
Finish my current book, start and finish my next book by 2009. All rules change when my agent calls saying that an editor wants revisions....

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