Monday, December 10, 2007

Slog Blogger

I'm probably the sloggiest blogger here in Brainland. It's weird being Jewish sometimes. When Hannukah comes at Christmas time we all get to hustle bustle and feel the anticipation. But our holiday is almost over, and for me, this year, it was eclipsed by my daughter's wild and woolly twelfth birthday blowout. Almost 30 kids and a DJ and that was a small turn-out because a few of her better friends had prior commitments they couldn't get out of. But I survived. She survived. And now I wait.

That's what this season has been for me. A season of waiting for the BIG WORD to come in. I've had some extreme interest from a very good agent and I am waiting for her decision. It's been two weeks since she told me she loves my novel. I've had very considerate updates, but no WORD. Somehow all of this reminds of the election of 2000 when all we did between election day and Dec 17 was wait, and when it came the news wasn't good. It's been a tough time for me, my stomach in knots. I could use some holiday hub-bub to distract me!


Lost Like Secrets Unseen said...

I'm pulling for you JW!!!


Jean S. said...

I'm hoping your stomach will unknot soon! I just attended a 13 year old's disco party. The adults couldn't believe the dancing's called freak dancing. Did they do it at your kid's party? Whew!