Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Ho Ho Help!

I finally found a writing routine that was working. I changed jobs in August and my writing grove was ruined. I would plan to write after work then would have to cook, do laundry, after all that would collapse on the couch. After several attempts to find the right time to write I realized I could take my laptop to work and write during my lunch hour. I was getting a lot done, it was great.
Cue the holidays. I have my Christmas decorations out, no gifts bought. I adopted two women and their children from the battered woman's shelter, I am supposed to have their gifts by next Weds...nothing. My youngest turns five on the eighteenth and my mother's birthday is the twentieth. I have taken my computer to work the last three days and have not opened it. Motivation is not there. I think there is way too much expected of me this time of year and something has to give. The laundry? No, they get angry when you send your child to school without pants. So Mom is only going to write if I feel like it this month. No obligation to it. I give myself permission to take a break, and anyone else who needs one. Then my spare time is spent on what it should be...my family.

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