Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Happy Happy Holidays!!

This week we're talking about our writing habits during the holidays. And if it weren't for my perma pregnant brain fog -- which has been going on now for approximately 7 months -- I'd say I write the same as always. (Lately, I've been a bit distracted by the bowling ball belly!)
Luckily, we do low-key holidays. With my husband's family, we draw names for gifts. And my husband and I don't exchange gifts -- just Santa Stockings with our favorite treats. We have everything we could possibly need, so it's almost silly to stress over gifts this time of year.
We have a little one on the way, so next year we get to do three Santa Stockings and one gift for her. (She has LOADS of aunts, uncles, grandmas and more that will SHOWER her a-plenty). And the rest of my holidays are spent working and enjoying the month. I LOVE to go and get a coffee at the mall and watch people frantically shop. Because I don't.
And though I love getting Christmas cards, I don't send them. From Colombia, postage is about $4.50 for a card. Definitely not worth the money or the hassle. So I will write and work during this month just as if it were any other month .. but with more flare because this time of year is magical to me. It's about family, tradition, and sharing. And I do attempt to bake some things after a day at the keyboard which the family may or may not appreciate ... depending on the result! But it's such a peaceful time of year for me, I'm always sad to see it pass. So maybe in January, we'll have to write about the January Blues.
Happy Writing!
Happy Holidays!
Enjoy them with your loved ones.

Heidi Ayarbe

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