Thursday, November 8, 2007

My Latest Cure

I can't prescribe a cure-all for Writer's Block (love your friendly analogy to a neighborhood, C) even for myself. But this time I can share what worked for my recent struggle with the blank screen. I had reached a point in my WIP that I simply could not get past. So out of fear and frustration, I continued to rewrite the darned thing over and over from the beginning, hoping to find the answers. Finally, I began to outline the entire ms, from the beginning with suggested changes in place. I highlighted all the new additions and questions folks had had about certain plotting issues. Being a visual person, I found it was easier for me to track the arcs of certain events if I could see them. At last I got the outline to the "stuck point"..and I found I stepped over the barrier with ease. The new chapters flowed from my fingers and it was a snap to synchronize new events with highlighted additions in the previous chapters. Now, I'm just following the yellow highlight road as I revise, confident I can carry on to the finish. Next problem: adding two more hours to the day to find more time to write!

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