Wednesday, November 14, 2007

The Forest for the Trees....

One of my biggest problems is I get caught up in the life and get out of a writing routine. One thing after another comes up, and before I know it I haven't written in weeks. It is so hard to make yourself write when you've put in a full day of work, bathed children, made dinner, did laundry, fed dogs and helped with homework. Then to actually sit down at the computer and let your characters play...yeah right. But at the same time when I don't honor the muse I get REALLY grouchy.
My solution is (drum roll) I write during my lunch hour at work almost every day. Then when I'm wiped out at the end of then day I can relax instead of obsessing over plots and arcs. It works for me. And on those days that I have extra energy I write again after the kids go to bed.
My other issue is too many ideas. I get bombarded with several characters knocking around in my brain begging for me to let them out. But which one first??? I keep a recipe box full with index cards alphabetically filed. I carry index cards around in my purse, and I even have them beside the bed. Then when an idea strikes I write it down, file it and pull it out later when I'm ready to start on a new project. Some may never get used, but they're there if I want them.
Spiders represent creativity and they never give up on their webs, as we should never give up on our webs of words. So whatever neurosis you have find a way to make it work for you to make you a better writer.

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