Sunday, July 19, 2009

Juding a book ...

by it's cover.

We're not supposed to, but we all do it. And publishing houses invest loads of money in creating the "just right" cover that will capture the target audience's interest, then pass the cover through marketing, publicity and a whole slew of people who determine if it's the right look. So, I'm going to post six random novel covers. None of which I've read. And I'd like to know, for each cover, if A. You'd read it. (based on the cover alone) Why or why not? B. What you think the novel's genre is. and C. If you have any dreadful/awesome novel cover suggestions to post on the blog.
This week, I'll re-post and give a short synopsis of each book!

Here goes!


Christina Farley said...

Hmmm... The only one I'd read based on the covers is Sarah's but then maybe because I think the cover is gorgeous or maybe it's because I've loved, adored, every other book she's read!

Barbara said...

I would probably pick up the Dessen cover because the author is familiar and the Sawyer cover because it looks interesting. And maybe the Wright book- but only if I liked the text on the back of the cover. Probably "no" to the covers with red. Often red seems like you are trying too hard.

I looked at some of the covers of books I have read recently and realize that I rarely select a book based on the cover image, but often use the text description on the back of the cover. Having said that, here are a few of the YA covers which have caught my eye: Cairo (graphic novel by Wilson) The Red Necklace by Gardner (I love the double entendre)I was sucked in by the dress on the first Luxe cover (the concept lost its magic for me after the first cover) and Slam (but a lot of that had to be Nick Hornby).
One heartbreak cover for me was House of Dance. I LOVE Beth Kephart's writing and adored Undercover. I could not believe the awful cover for House of Dance. Those mercurichrome old lady shoes were so wrong. According to the story, the shoes were supposed to be red satin and the most beautiful shoes ever seen by a teenage girl. I ask you, do those hideous things on the cover even come close? I cannot image a teen girl picking up a book with such awful shoes on the cover.

Heidi Ayarbe said...

Thanks, Barbara! I'm going to upload the pics of books you like, too.
I forgot to browse this site before uploading!