Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Colombia from the Hip

Myths abound about Colombia. So I'm going to have these little sections of photos I take in Colombia on the streets -- photos of my everyday life that don't have anything to do with horrible drug lords wearing tacky gold necklaces, the FARC, war, trafficking or anything that Hollywood and the media might have come up with to distort what Colombia is (as if you can "define" a place).

Here are my pics of the week:

1. A view of Pereira from Plaza Victoria (about a five-ten minute walk from my apartment)
2. Juan Valdez Coffee Shop
3. The "Shovel" Corner. Early every morning men gather at this corner with shovels, waiting for work. They're day laborers and get paid about $10.00 a day. (If the person who hires them is honest).

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