Friday, January 23, 2009

Oh, maaan!

So, here I was, naively hoping to finish the draft of my next novel before beginning the revisions for my editor on the first.

HA! I realized I had a little problem with the villain. Little. Tiny. And after pow-wowing with the wonderful Wordslingers, I found a fantastic solution. Which is great! But I'd guess it'll take me another 20,000 words to remedy the situation. Plus writing the end of the book. And that just ain't gonna happen in the next two weeks. Siiiiiiiiigh. Oh, well. I took good notes on what I want to do, and maybe I can sneak in a little work when I'm tired of revising.

On a funnier note, the conversation about what I should do involved one Wordslinger actually saying the words "murder is always good." The funny part is that the rest of the 'slingers roundly agreed with this statement. Man, we're weird. Thank goodness we can at least be weird together!

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