Saturday, December 6, 2008


Heidi brought up heroes...and I could not resist. One of my favorite shows is, drum roll...Heroes. I like it first because the plot is so complex if you miss an episode you are lost. the writing is fantastic, the characters are hard not to like, even the villains. What exactly are the differences between heroes and villains? Both have the power to change and go the other direction, and in this show they often do. Gabriel, here or Sylar is one of my favorites. he is a terrifying killer, then he changes for a while and chooses to be ultimately good, but he has just taken another turn....
How do we portray our bad guys? Good guys? Aren't the best heroes characters that are ultimately flawed but deep down want to do the right thing? If you push a character hard enough, any character couldn't they turn into a villain?


Lisa Amowitz said...

Ah, Trish...Heroes is my TOTAL weak spot..sigh. Sometimes I think they plot as insanely as I do, but I never lose interest!

Becca Fitzpatrick said...

I've never seen Heroes *ducks* but you've raised some excellent points. The best heroes always have interesting flaws and struggle to overcome them. I'm a big Law & Order SVU fan and Olivia's struggles are what make the show so awesome to me!