Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Location, Location, Location

For me the perfect creative space is all about this quaint little Canadian costal town. In the mornings, I could walk to the market and by my groceries for the day and then head back to my little house on a hill. I'd like to have an attic room with two bay windows, one showing me the harbor and the other facing the forest. It should be a soft neutral color and have two big comfy chairs for reading and chatting with a friend. My desk would sit in a corner, though I'd probably spend most of my time in my fluffy chair with my laptop. Book shelves lining the other two walls with all my favorites including my Wordslingers shelves, that would have pics as well as their brilliant works. It would have to have an awesome stereo system. I like to take writing breaks and dance around the room. Hardwood floors but with a couple of well placed rugs, cause I'm sure it'll be a stinker to heat. That's my spot. I wish I was there right now!



Jean S. said...

So Mandy, what's the name of your town? It looks so familiar...maybe Mahon Bay? My college roomate lives in Nova Scotia and won't fly, so I go there as often as I can. Wonderful place!

Anonymous said...

Lunenburg, Nova Scotia, Jean. Just past Mahone Bay. It's a beautiful spot!