Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Favorite Villian

What an awesome topic. I love bad guys. They are the most fun to read. My reigning favorite would have to be the White Witch. Jadis plagues Aslan's new land, plunging it into an endless winter, preventing Christmas and Santa Claus from coming. Jadis followed Andrew in The Magician's Nephew from her homeland of Charn where she had killed her sister and all of her people to rule over rubble. She needed a new thriving land. She is chillingly evil and will kill any to get what she wants. I can just imagine her shrill shriek when she screams and how honeyed her voice must sound when she lures Edmund with Turkish Delight. Her garden of petrified creatures would give an strong heart pause upon entering her fortress. She commands not only weather but other elements of nature with the same power that Aslan himself wields. If not for Aslan's understanding of love and sacrifice and all that sappy happy stuff, Narnia might still be hers. To me, witches have long been among the creepiest of villians. The Wicked Witch of the East terrified me in the movies. I mean come on she was green, with monkeys, eww monkeys. But in my opinion the White Witch rules them all.

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