Monday, December 21, 2009

December 19 - 21st and feeling surly ...

  • Feeling overwhelmed. (Okay. Grinchy!)
  • Have that itchy-need-to-write-but-the-screen-just-blinks-at-me feeling.
  • Have a bit of a pit in my gut because of the blinking white screen/ blank-slate brain right now.
  • Feeling like I've gotten wrapped up in everything and have lost a bit of the Christmas magic.
  • Have a cough, fever, and am afraid that I'm getting a Christmas bug. (Yes, I'm whining here!)
So today's recommendations bring me back to what I love about Christmas because I watched them last night trying to capture a moment of peace in what has become a month of madness. Here are my recommendations for best videos on the planet. (They always make me cry.) Hell, a chunk of good, Manchego cheese makes me cry these days. Sheesh. Getting all sentimental and stuff. Anyway, get in the holiday spirit with The Grinch and Charlie Brown Christmas. And for good measure, maybe you can find a 24 hour marathon of A Christmas Story, too.

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