Sunday, April 5, 2009

Happy Endings?

I bought Seven Pounds and watched it again this week. I love that movie. I ball my eyes out, but I love it. Several people I know do not like books or movies that do not have a happy ending. I don't like unrealistic happy endings...the kind that you know should have ended down a completely different pathway.

I have noticed a pattern. My favorite characters are always the down and out, dark and miserable heroes who surprise everyone with what they are capable of doing. I'm not sure if it is the darkness that attracts me or the fact that they rise above it. I love a realistic ending. Sad or not.

What is your favorite character? Do you have to ave a happy ending?

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Jean S. said...

think you might like this year's Newbery winner, The Graveyard Book. Ending neither happy nor unhappy, but there's darkness and light intertwined. I thought it very good.