Monday, February 25, 2008


While some people think writing is my hobby it is work. I have so many interests sometimes it's hard to balance my time. Reading is a big one, one of my favorite things. I also love movies, music, dancing, taking drives into the mountains (although I no longer live near the mountains), playing practical jokes and scaring people, thunderstorms, playing cards, Mythology, and drawing/painting. Then we have day I would like to take a class and learn even more about it.

But there is one subject I have more books on than others (besides writing)...the paranormal. I have always been interested in ghosts. I read and watch just about everything I can get my hands on about them. My house has actually been investigated, but that is a much longer post....

So there you have it, too many interests and not enough time.


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Christine J. said...

Trish, all this time, and I didn't know you liked to play cards . . . the Spy LOVES to play - bridge, poker, hearts, you name it.

I'm not much for it, myself. Mostly because he can count cards, and I'm not that good. I'll play Euchre once in awhile, but that's it.